100 Women Who Care Downers Grove
We welcome you to the Downers Grove chapter of 100 Women Who Care.  We invite you to become part of this powerful group to have a positive impact on those in need here in DuPage County, without the time-consuming effort we all associate with fundraising.  (Yes, it is possible!)

Happy 6th Anniversary to and from all of us at 100 Women Who Care Downers Grove!

FISH Food Panrty was chosen at our August 2018 meeting. Please send your donation to either Sharon or me by May 25.    As always, thank you for caring.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, November 7, 2018 at 6:30 pm at Emmett's Ale House.  Please come and bring a friend! 

This project is for you if:
1) you don't have time in your busy life to volunteer but have been wanting to help those in need;
2) you are involved with other groups but also see the potential in this idea and are interested in adding it to your charitable efforts;
3) If you want 100% of your donations to go directly to a local charity;
4) if you want your generous donation to become part of a large amount of money by joining together with other women - creating a powerful impact in our local area.

100 Women Who Care was started in November of 2006 by Karen Dunigan of Jackson, Michigan as a brilliantly simple way to raise money efficiently and quickly for local charities/non-profit/worthy causes.  Her group of 100 women, at their first one-hour meeting, each wrote a check for $100.00 directly to the charity raising $10,000 to buy 300 new baby cribs for an organization in their city.  Since then they have grown to over 200 members and chapters are forming all over the country.

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